JF Agricultural Engineering LTD set up business in 1986 after working for many years in John Deere dealerships. It was here that Richard and Dave did all their John Deere and agricultural training, between them they became very accomplished mechanics. Richard went on to be a Service Manager, but liked getting his hands dirty rather than doing paper work, so in 1986 Richard and Dave set up JF with the aim to bring service and repair work to local farmers. They built up a very loyal customer base and their business went from strength to strength.


In 1988 Richard built a self propelled sprayer (pictured to the left) for a local contractor. Not only did he produce this cheaper then buying a second hand sprayer, it had great reliability and went on to do many seasons work. It was  therefor no surprise that it  earned a full page write up in the Farmers Weekly.


In 2003 James proudly completed his first solo restoration job. The non running John Deere  1130, as shown in the pictures to the right,  had an engine rebuild,  mechanical part check and full paint job to bring this classic tractor back to life.


They soon found themselves being asked for good second hand tractors and farm equipment resulting in the second-hand sales side of the company being formed. In 2000 Richards son James joined the company full time after working many summer holidays for them. After 3 years in the workshop doing service and tractor rebuilds James decided to grow the second-hand sales side of the business. In 2005 the company split in two, with Dave going his own way and Richard and James going into partnership.


 JF is now a family run company, with the aim to bring top level services, rebuilds and second-hand sales to our customers. James makes thorough checks on every tractor that arrives, ensuring we only retail good quality tractors and machinery. Plus, our fully equipped workshop with all the specialist tools and up to date laptops allows us to tackle any job.   We have an excellent reputation for selling good second hand John Deere tractors and farm equipment which we have been building up over many years and we do not wish to compromise going forward.

Richard Demoing 1984

Richard & James 

James Age 4

JF Agricultural Engineering History

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